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The Family Tree Story & Heritage

Family Tree Farm in Nunez, Georgia was started by Don and Monica McCartney to provide a place to raise their family and produce quality food for them and others. Andy and Melissa Williams joined us in 2014 with Andy acting as farm manager.  We believe this is God's will for our families and we thank Him for the land, the animals and the opportunity!

What we Believe 

We believe that humanity was created to manage God's creation and when created, were placed in a garden.  Being able to produce our own food is a blessing given by God.  Life on the farm is "real life."  This is the life God intended us to live and we want to teach it to our children and grandchildren.  We want to produce high quality, safe food four families to eat and share that quality with others .

Our plan is to run a Renisannce farm with well rounded and integrated animal and plant production. Ultimately the goal is to raise all feed on which our animals are raised.  That way we can control the quality of our food and the food our animals eat.  We believe in farming in the style of the old time family farm.  We believe we can be better than "certified organic."  We are not USDA certified.  We don't want the government involvement or the regulatory nonsense.  Come see why we think we are better!




Better Than Organic

  • No chemicals on or in our food.

  • No hormones in our animals.

  • Maximal freedom of movement for animals.

  • Grass fed or organic feed for meat, milk & eggs.

  • Occasional antibiotics for specific treatment.

  • Mixed production of species of plant and animal for better health.


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