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Our Products

We sell grass-fed meat, organic-fed pastured eggs, poultry and dairy products directly on the farm.  Also available is seasonal produce including Shitake mushrooms.  Currently have lots of firewood available for next winter.  Call or email for an appointment.



Grass-fed beef:

  • Filet Mignon                              $24.00/lb

  • T-bone/Ribeye                           $22.00/lb

  • New York Strip                           $19.00/lb

  • Sirloin                                           $17.00/lb

  • Flank Steak/Brisket                    $12.00/lb

  • Skirt Steak/London Broil/ Round Eye/Sirloin Tip  $10.00/lb

  • Other Cuts                                  $8.50/lb

Organic/fed pastured turkey:

  • Whole turkey from 13-20lbs      $6.00/lb

  • Variety: Broad-breasted bronze

Free-range organic-fed eggs:

  • Small/medium           $5.00/dozen

  • Large                              $6.00/dozen


*Multiple chicken varieties allows us to provide you with brown, green and white eggs.





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