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Our farm is positioned along the Ohoopee River in Emanuel county, Georgia.  Along with farm activities, there is a wealth of hunting and fishing opportunity.  The farm is carved out of the native scrub oak and longleaf pine stands.  These native species produce excellent food and cover for deer and turkey.  Our plan is to run a Renisannce farm with well rounded and integrated animal and plant production. Ultimately the goal is to raise all feed on which our animals are raised.  That way we can keep chemicals out of the feed  which our animals eat.  Fruit, nut and vegetable production is mostly focused on heirloom species and non-row crops. We also grow Shitake mushrooms. 

Our Animals 

The farm is focused on beef cattle, with commercial herd and registered Charolais herd.  Cattle for butchering are grassfed.  Production of organic fed cow and goat milk is small but growing.  Black belly sheep, organic fed pastured chickens, organic fed chicken eggs and organic fed domestic turkey are also available.



Family Tree Farm

PO Box 200, Nunez, GA   30448


Phone:      912 856-0255

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